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I've recently found some difficulties in sleeping straight through the night; waking at odd, inopportune hours and not being able immediately to drop back to sleep again. So I took up reciting poetry again; and one night found bits of The Lady of Shalott circling round my head in random fashion.

As some of you may know, Loreena McKennitt set most of the poem to a tune some years ago; but I'm more familiar, as a singer, with Ann Lister's version (available on her album Spreading Rings (

So I set about learning the words in the right order, to (an approximation of) Anne's tune. For me, singing a poem is the best way for me to get inside the words; so here are the fruits of my meditations on Tennyson's Lady of Shalott

Part I
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Part II
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Part III
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Part IV
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I aten't (quite) dead ....

Sep. 17th, 2017 01:25 pm
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We're back from holiday (guess where we went!); me having first undergone a tooth extraction, barely finishing the penicillin in time to fly out and drink lots of wine.

So now we're back, and facing the autumn theatre season. So far we have -

'The Girl from the North Country' (Old Vic)
'Mrs Orwell' (Southwark Playhouse)
'Against' (Almeida)
'King Lear' (The Globe)

'Apologia' (Trafalgar Studios)
'St George and the Dragon' (The National)
Richard Thompson Concert (The Bridge Theatre - brand new venue; really exciting!)

'Young Marx' (The Bridge)
'A Murder is Announced' (Churchill, Bromley)
'Albion' (Almeida)
'A Woman of No Importance' (Vaudeville)
'The Lady from the Sea' (Donmar)

'A Christmas Carol' (Old Vic)

That's it so far for 2017; but we already have a couple of things (including Essiedou's Hamlet which goes on tour).

However, I've just noticed that Southwark will be putting on J M Barrie's Dear Brutus over the Christmas season. It hasn't even been cast yet; but I'm very tempted. I read it as an A level student, saw one production and then it kinda sank without trace. It's a great, funny, dark, thought-provoking whimsy


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