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The weather this weekend has been foul: hard rain, strong wind, scary thunder and lightning in the early hours of this morning. There's another three days of rain predicted. I used to love this kind of weather, but now I think of animals out there without any shelter and people with inadequate shelter.

I've been cozy with cats. I decided to try watching Primeval, one of [livejournal.com profile] rusty_armour's favourites. I watched the first series and enjoyed it. Loved the dodos and Rex. But I get really annoyed with the chauvinistic casting in the tv and film industries. The women characters are almost always young and pretty. For Pete's sake: an expert on lizards is a petite, pretty, very young woman - how likely is that?

I'm fed up that Matt Smith has decided to quit Doctor Who. He is my favourite Doctor by far.
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I'm able to watch both Doctor Who (on the Sunday) and Game of Thrones (by the next weekend). I've just watched The Climb. I didn't watch the rabbit-skinning bit, but the sound effects were bad enough. I also turned the sound down and only watched the corner of the screen during the Theon scene. That was nasty, killing Ros like that. They'd better not show Joffrey shooting cats. The Blackfish is great. Of course, I wait for the scenes with Robb Stark and they're always too short.

I'm very pleased that Richard Madden has got the part of Prince Charming in Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella. It's quite a high-profile role and Kenneth Branagh's productions usually do well.

I'm rather disappointed with this Doctor Who season. I really wanted to like Jenna-Louise Coleman, especially because she's Richard Madden's girlfriend, but I just don't. 
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I'm sad Doctor Who is over until Christmas and very sad that Amy and Rory have gone. I think that trio was the best of the modern Doctor Who and companion(s). 

I'm enjoying Downton Abbey, especially Maggie Smith. It's a shame that Branson seems to have feet of clay. There were some good lines, e.g. "There's always something of Johnny Foreigner about Catholics," "Diligence and hard work count for more than beauty in the real world' - "If only that were true." 

I watched the first episode of Merlin series 5. I was so disappointed in series 4 that I'm not expecting much. The episode was okay. I think maybe the writers and producers should have stuck to the formula of the first three series because I think they haven't managed to convincingly make the show maturer and "darker." They don't have the scripts, the resources or the actors. For example, we saw the Round Table, but they can't afford to have all the knights of legend, so it's Leon, Gawain, Percival and Elyan plus different extras every episode. There should also be a vacant seat for Lancelot. I think Game of Thrones has made me more critical of the four young leads. Katie McGrath is just a poor actor and I find Angel unconvincing. Bradley is good at comedy and I think he did well at the drama last series, but he's not Richard Madden by miles.

I've also been watching Suits. What strange and unreal lives! 

I've tried Copper, but none of the 'hosts' I can use to watch it work well. I'm also not into police shows right now, though it is different and interesting.
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Just watched the latest Doctor Who episode. Dinosaurs on a spaceship and Rupert Graves as well. It was great fun! I lol'd. I like Amy Pond the most of the Doctor's companions. I like the way the Doctor calls both Rory and his dad Pond. 
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I've finally discovered the joys of Doctor Who! I was always nervous of not liking it - to not like such a great British institution would have been sad and a lapse in good taste. Besides, you can't hire the DVDs here, but I found I could stream them from my usual site. Anyway, I started watching backwards from Matt Smith's seasons. I like David Tennant, don't like Christopher Eccleston much, but Matt Smith is my favourite. He is a bit vulnerable and has more warmth, I think.Although the episodes have sad parts, generally they make me smile a lot. They're fun, eccentric and exciting. 

I'm also watching the latest episodes of White Collar.


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