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I'm able to watch both Doctor Who (on the Sunday) and Game of Thrones (by the next weekend). I've just watched The Climb. I didn't watch the rabbit-skinning bit, but the sound effects were bad enough. I also turned the sound down and only watched the corner of the screen during the Theon scene. That was nasty, killing Ros like that. They'd better not show Joffrey shooting cats. The Blackfish is great. Of course, I wait for the scenes with Robb Stark and they're always too short.

I'm very pleased that Richard Madden has got the part of Prince Charming in Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella. It's quite a high-profile role and Kenneth Branagh's productions usually do well.

I'm rather disappointed with this Doctor Who season. I really wanted to like Jenna-Louise Coleman, especially because she's Richard Madden's girlfriend, but I just don't. 
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Lots of premieres and other events building up to the third season of Game of Thrones starting the end of this month. A heck of a lot of premieres in the US already; it must get quite boring for the cast. The women must have had to pack a lot of clothes.  The actors have mostly been fun and enthusiastic in their many interviews. Sophie Turner looks so sophisticated but is still a sweet young girl, Maisie Williams is engaging, I always enjoy Michelle Fairley's interviews and of course, Richard Madden!

(Source: http://princesselaenatargaryen.tumblr.com)

I've decided to like Oona Chaplin a lot too because she not only declared Richard the best kisser but described him as "the lovely and adorable and wonderful Richard Madden."

Oona Chaplin
(Source: Wicnet interview)

I'm looking forward to the third series with trepidation because of you-know-what. I don't think I'll be able to watch.
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My Sirens DVD has finally come. It was being held to ransom by Customs. I watched all the episodes again plus most of the extras. Not enough! Richard is good as Ashley Greenwick, the character of the three who's the most private. The relationship between the three main characters is good and their banter is fun, though I much prefer Rhys Thomas to Kayvan Novak. I also like the policewoman Maxine. A series that one can happily watch over again.

Richard Madden has done lots of interviews lately. FLAILS! It's great when he's asked good questions and gives interesting answers. He's enthusiastic and lively, so committed to his GoT character. He has an expressive face and uses hand gestures a lot, plus that gorgeous voice and lovely eyes!  I'm not keen on what's been done with Robb Stark this season, but so far Oona and Richard are good together.
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There's lots of good new stuff on websites and tumblr on Game of Thrones with the release of the first season DVDs. I was good and ordered mine from a local supplier, but that means I have to wait for early April. There's some animated histories of Westeros and the Houses narrated by members of the cast that may only be on the Blue-rays. I hope not because I've seen a couple of the videos on tumblr and they're good. There's one with Richard Madden as Robb Stark doing about a third of one. I wish he'd narrated the whole video because he has a wonderful voice and his tone and gravitas is just right for the subject matter. I've ordered a short British tv series Richard was in called Sirens. It was only released on the 12th so I don't understand how come there's stacks of pics and gifs all over tumblr already. Someone's posted the blooper reel, which is fun. Richard also had a supporting role in another tv series, Birdsong, that's now out on DVD. The lead is Eddie Redmayne who irritates me so I probably won't buy it.

I recently bought the fourth and fifth series of Babylon 5. I am disappointed and find several of the episodes boring. Claudia Christian as Commander Ivanova is only in two episodes of the fifth series. Bruce Boxleitner doesn't look good with really short hair and one of those icky round-the-mouth beard thingies!


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